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The Project Manager Install prepares, executes and handles installation of systems in accordance with predeter mined deadlines and budget (usually less than a half million euros). The installations concern special machine support frames that are utilized in computer chip manufacturing facilities all over the world. The project manager delivers projects on time and schedule by properly approaching potential sources of information and coordinating activities of project team members, consultants and any third parties. The Project Manager defines project goals and guaranties quality during the whole project.The scope of the project manager starts directly after sales of the project is secured by the sales department and ends after acceptance of the qualified installed product by the customer.Tasks/responsibilities/authorities:Collaborates closely with the Account Manager to make alignment between project plans and offersduring the quotation phase of the project.Generates additional sales opportunities and/or turnoverduring the execution phase of the project.Is responsible for effective and efficient division of labour and management of employees and resources within a projectand to setup and maintain the overall and detailed project planning.Provide back-office support for install team.Controls and optimises project results,and manages customer expectations in terms of finance, planning and quality of deliverables.Identifies bottlenecks and problems in the project progress and takes appropriate actions and measures.oParticipate/initiate project progress meetingsat different departments Engineering, Purchasing, Production, Quality,Logistics.Divides overall project inclear deliverables and milestones for each department.Actively tracks project progress within each department.Focus on Risk Managementand quality systemsto meet both customer requirementsand compliance with applicable standards and regulations

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